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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  June 28, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> the pet trust really is i don't think his ultimate goal. >> reporter: mr. carr is suing the bank and others who managed this chiwauwa trust. if it goes to trial it would definitely be a closely watched case because the law that allows pet trusts has never been tested in court. the news keeps coming. laura is in for brian on the news edge at 11:00. the news edge kicking things off in d.c. tonight. it was a rough start for the city's summer jobs program. there was some confusion as there has been in years past but there were also serious concerns. we're talking accusations of stealing and workers bringing weapons to their jobs. matt ackland is working this one. >> reporter: the d.c. police department tells us it has launched two independent investigations. they both involve young employees from the summer jobs program. one at rfk stadium. the other at a local high school. inside rfk stadium is the office of public education
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facilities modernization. this is where police are currently investigating if one or more students who were hired by the summer jobs program took at least two iphones from employees [ inaudible ] >> reporter: today we went to the office at rfk but security officers asked us to leave. police are also involved in another investigation stemming from the jobs program here at hd woodson high school. a police spokesperson told fox 5 that at least one student is being investigated for bringing a knife to his first day on the job at hd woodson. >> there's confusion everywhere. >> reporter: d.c. council member and former mayor marion barry didn't know any details about the police investigations, but he did say his phone has been ringing off the hook from parents who are upset about numerous issues on the first day of the summer jobs program. >> it's just another black mark on the city. these kids are getting bad examples of what ought to be
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right. the parents are p.o.ed about it. >> reporter: timothy bryant went where he was supposed to find work and was turned away. >> i came all the way up here from southeast to work at this catering company. i'm told they ain't open. >> reporter: many of the workers who had problems on their first day were told to go to gallaudet university for answers. that's where they would find employees running the jobs program. but when fox 5's karen gray houseson tried to get answers, this is what she got. >> [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: we should tell you we did attempt to reach the mayor's office about these allegations of criminal activity at woodson high school and at rfk, but we did not get a statement. now, when it comes to the confusion, the mayor's office says, quote, there are over 22,000 kids in the program. some kids are being transferred to different assignments and
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other cimpgs may be getting -- cimpgs may be -- kinks may be getting ironed out. also in the district a case four years in the making coming to a head tomorrow. a judge will decide the fate of three d.c. men accused in a murder coverup. it was back in 2006 robert wone was found murdered inside the dupont circle row home. the three men are not charged with the murder. in fact no one has been charged but prosecutors believe the men do know who did it and covered up the crime scene. if they are found guilty, the men face some 30 years in prison. another big story we're following tonight. the arrest of ten russians accused of spying on the united states. the f.b.i. says they were undercover using covert operations to obtain information on nuclear pep wons. -- weapons. some of the arrests happened in our own backyard. roby chavez is following this one tonight for us. >> reporter: laura, court documents indicate all were living normal lives given fake birth certificates but were
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sending secret messages to moscow. ten people are now under arrest. two people arrested were from arlington, virginia. neighbors say the couple lived in this apartment complex with two children. court documents indicate they were part of a group dubbed illegals. they are accused of picking up money left by the russian government in new york's central park. with names like murphy, heathfield, folly and mills, their mission became to become americanized as possible. many neighbors were surprised to hear spies may be living among them. >> i just moved to the area but, you foe, i guess it's part of d.c. you're going to have all kinds of crazy stuff like spies from other countries living here. >> pretty surprising to hear
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that actually going on in arlington. i walk by people all the time in this building. i've been here a couple of times. i'm just concerned to think it is actually possible, russian spies. >> reporter: all of it is a contrast to the smiling pictures of the so-called burger summit with the russian president in arlington last week. court documents indicate some of the alleged spies met with a former high ranking national security official and a person working on bunker busting nuclear warheads. the f.b.i. is still looking for an 11th suspect. we're live in the newsroom, roby chavez, fox 5 news. we have an update on a metro bus driver charged with assaulting a passenger. the driver has been suspended for five days without pay. he was charged with assault june 18 after getting into a fight with a customer over bus fare. a final day of work for the supreme court before heading into a three-month recess. today the justices voted 5-4 on a ruling that says americans
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have the right to own a gun no matter where they live. fox's james rosen looks at both sides of the issue. >> reporter: a major victory for those who support the individual right to own a handgun. in a 5-4 ruling the supreme court ruled firearms are essential for self-defense. >> the second amendment protects this fundamental right from the undo infringement of government. >> reporter: the ruling in the case of mcdonald vs. the city of chicago means lower courts will likely overturn their ban on gun ownership but the city's law sought to protect people by keeping guns out of the hands of criminals good so we're working to rewrite our ordinance in a reasonable, responsible way to protect second amendment rights, protect chicagoans from gun violence. >> reporter: a plaintiff in the case says she can stop feeling like a victim. >> defending yourself with a handgun doesn't mean shooting someone. it means stopping them from considering you as prey. >> reporter: the new ruling applies to all 50 states
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meaning lawmakers will not be able to impose restrictions on access to handguns so severe that they apartment to a ban. experts say restrictions for felons and mentally ill will likely remain. the national rifle association's top official says he expects a backlash. >> i have no doubt that there will be some cynical politicians that try to put a scheme in place that makes it so hard for the average citizen to qualify that they never get the firearm. >> reporter: senator dianne feinstein, the california democratic expressed frustration with the ruling. >> the proliferation of guns have made this nation less safe, not more safe. >> reporter: constitutional experts say the new ruling is likely to produce a number of challenges and appeals in legislatures and courts across the country. the nra says it will be there every time to stand up for second amendment rights. in washington, james rosen, fox news. no doubt supreme court nominee elena kagan will be questioned about her view on gun control.
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kagan's confirmation hearings began today on capitol hill. the senate judiciary committee addressed their thoughts and concerns as they examined her resume. one major point of contention, her judicial experience or what conservatives are calling a lack thereof. >> part of our task is to determine whether miss kagan share's president obama's philosophy of judging or is subject to -- [ indiscernible ] >> confirmed she would be the only -- only the fourth see mail supreme court justice ever. -- female supreme court justice ever. how well did the iphone do in its first few days of release? we're crunching the numbers next. it is going to be getting better. we're going to break this heat wave right in half. unusually cooler temperatures coming by mid week. we'll show you all the numbers coming up in the forecast. how has the heat wave affected our area's water supplies? we're going to take a look at
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the rising demand. first, a check of some of the other stories on our rundown tonight. the news edge at 11:00 coming right back. . 
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it appears apple's iphone four g is a huge hit. more than 1.7 million phones have been sold since its release last week. it is apple's most successful product in fact of all time. product launch. that's despite the complaints that the iphone loses reception when you hold it in the lower left corner. the phone's antenna is in the steel band around the outer edge. when confronted about the problem last week, steve jobs replied, well, don't hold it that way. a consumer alert in tonight's fox 5 top five. plus, an unexpected benefit from this extreme heat. here's shawn yancy.
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laura, we start off tonight with a consumer alert for pizza lovers. number five, wal-mart is recalling its marketside pizzas because there could be plastic in them. the recall is for the barbecue chicken pizza made by great kitchens from june 15 and 16 and then shipped nationwide. go to for more specifics. number four, heads up, montgomery county summer schoolers and your parents. the county is expanding its summer school lunch program. there are now eight free walk- in sites. students eligible for free or reduced cost meals can go to school for healthy lunches even over the summer. number three, the extreme heat may be bad for your power bills but it is great for some virginia farmers. beach growers say it's great for peach crops. they're expecting sweeter than usual peaches. number two is great news for d.c. h.i.v. testing is up. new aids cases are down. a brand new report by the cdc found the number of newly
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diagnosed aids cases decreased from 164 per 100,000 people in the year 2004 to 107 in 2008. the number of people being tested rose from 15% to 19% in 2007. number one, don't expect any relief at the gas pump. experts say prices will likely increase over the next few weeks but fall short of the $3 mark. the national average for a gallon of regular is now $2.75. in d.c. it's didded 2.8 -- it's $2.80. that is tonight's fox 5 top five. >> thank you. coming up next, how much of a strain has the extreme heat put on our area's water supply? local suppliers are filling us in on the rising demand. d.c.'s phenom put to the test. how did stephen strasburg do against one of the best teams in the league? as we head to break, oprah back on top. forbes is declaring the talk show queen the most powerful celebrity in the world.
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the ranking is based on earnings and she has pulled in more than $315 million in just the last year. here's a look at the top ten. 
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the price tag for the oil spill cleanup is mounting. bp says it has spent more than $2.5 billion on the cleanup. but the oil giant is denying reports that its c.e.o. tony hayward is resigning. meantime cleanup crews may have dodged a bullet. tropical storm alex is expected ugh it may generate f the spill
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some heavy waves which could push some oil further inland. the summer heat means water is in very high demand here at home. we use a lot from drinking to watering the lawn. now local suppliers are watching their gauges to make sure they can fulfill the rising demand. audrey barnes has that story. >> reporter: from this vantage point overlooking duckett dam in montgomery county, you can really get a good look at water levels on the patuxent river. thanks to this winter' storms and snowfall, local water suppliers don't have any worries right now. >> we are in good shape. the water supply is adequate. and we see no problems with the rest of this year. >> reporter: when the water levels are low, this entire shore line looks like a sandy beach. you can see all the rocks beneath the surface. for now at least things on the patuxent are looking pretty good. but workers in the monitoring station at the washington suburban sanitary commission are seeing a spike in water use
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overnight. they supplied 300 million gallons of water to homes and businesses in montgomery county and prince george's county on friday, a record for the year. >> as the month has gone on and there hasn't been any rain, the nighttime demand is not going back down to a hundred million. >> reporter: systems control leader karen wright says the heat wave is driving the spike. that and people filling pools and watering their lawns at night. >> there's -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: nancy shaeffer says she's holding off on the serious lawn watering for now. >> we need rain, yes, and we also need to conserve what we've got as much as we can. we have a dehumidifier that runs downstairs. when the bucket gets full, we take it out and water the plants. >> reporter: with any luck, mother nature will take care of the lawn and she won't have to. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. i don't think we're going to have much luck getting that
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rain we need. >> we're not going to get enough. it's not been a huge problem yet. we're dry yeah but deep down we're not real dry. therefore it's not going to be a huge problem if indeed we get some rain sometime soon. good rain, too. not the kind that just washedes away. we're going to have some cooler temperatures coming eventually in here. i think today was the day we kind of broke the back of this heat wave. tomorrow we're still going to be up into the lower 90s but lower humidity should be a little bit more comfortable. just wait till we get to wednesday, thursday and friday. it's going to be down right delightful around here. one little shower coming across here just passing north of owe denton. -- odenton. it moves on off to the east. here's trueview with a larger picture. there's still some shower activity up to the northwest of us. it's dying out, though. don't think it's going to hold
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together but if you're in some of these northern counties, you may end up getting a shower before it's all said and done. still warm in the city. 84 degrees. 85 quantico. the same for fredricksburg. look what happens when you factor in the humidity tonight. feels like 91 here in town. 87 for quantico. a little better for gaithersburg. baltimore up around 89 degrees there. and frederick still holding. the feels like temperature of 86 degrees. believe it or not this heat wave is breaking. there's cooler air to the north. we'll be pushing the humidity down to the south. below normal temperatures by mid week. how does lower 80s sound? won't than nice. holiday weekend at this point, a little question mark. it's still a long way away but it is looking pretty good. dry right now with temperatures probably 90 to 93 degrees for saturday and july the 4th. here's tropical storm alex down here coming off the yucatan into the bay of campeche.
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pretty much stationary right now caught up between a couple of different systems. a trough of low pressure and high pressure back to the northwest. maximum sustained winds just under hurricane force at 65 miles per hour. the thinking here is it's going to become a hurricane as early as tomorrow. 80 mile per hour. then potentially up to a category 2 at 90 miles per hour just before landfall. and this landfall keeps getting scooted up to the north. now it's basically right over brownsville, texas there. we are warm and sunny tomorrow. less humidity. it's going to be hot though by the late afternoon with temperatures in the lower 90s for just about everybody. but as we get to the latter part of the day, the temperatures will actually begin to -- the humidity will start going down just a little bit. so that 91 degrees there for tomorrow, may actually feel more like it's in the upper 80s. then we get real nice wednesday, thursday, friday. stay with us. the edge continues. dave feldman is back with
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sports. ioas8.
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good evening. i'm dave feldman. stephen strasburg was great again tonight and he didn't have his best stuff, his words, not mine. the nats have scored one run in his last three starts. help please. in atlanta where once again strasburg was brilliant at least early on. he struck out the side in the fifth and would take a four-hit shutout into the 7th. he was just cruising at this point but the nats defense
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ultimately would let him down and let him down again. two on, nobody out for troy gloss. a tailor-made double play ball but he boots it. a huge error and the floodgates were open. strasburg's last hitter escobar who lines one for an rbi single. the nats lose 5-0. he has two losses and a no decision. nats have dropped 13 of the last 16. >> i've been down on myself the whole day. that's what -- you know, when you have those type of outings when the stuff isn't really there, the top pitchers and the league, they're going to get through it. you know, for the most part, you know, i did well enough to keep the team in the ballgame but things aren't working for
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us right now. >> andy roddick the last american standing with his wife brooklyn decker rooting him on at wimbledon. he was in a battle though with a taiwanese player who had not won a match at wimbledon in the past four years. in the fifth serving to stay in the match but trailing 7-8. match point for lou. the 26-yard who had lost in the first round at wimbledon four straight times no more. he's into the quarters. he shocks roddick. the match of the day on the women's side, serena williams taking on the 2004 champ maria sharapova who beat williams for her own wimbledon final the williams says that was six years ago. she's improved a lot since then. hopefully i have too and here williams shows that. winning the first set in a tie breaker. she had 31 winners, 17 unforced errors. now we'll move ahead to match point. serena wins. she's through with the quarters
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as is her sister convenience nice. u.s. soccer president says the american team did not meet his expectations at the word cup and likely will meet with bob bradley after the tournament to discuss the coach's future. bradley was hired in december 2006 and has a contract running through the end of the year. the americans were limb fated last weekend in the second round with a 2-1 overtime loss to ghana. brazil taking on chile. this was all brazil. sets up a header for the first tally of the game. the bra dill january fans -- brazilian fans like t. 59th minute and ramirez takes control. great footwork. too easy for the brazilians. they shut out chile and move on to round 8. randy eaton named at the
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interim ad at maryland till they find a replacement for debbie. i'm dave feldman. laura is back with more of the edge right after this. 
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taking the edge off tonight, london is calling and


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